EUROPEANS - the most contemptible PEOPLE on EARTH

DID YOU KNOW the boss of BBC1 Television is a Shi'ite Muslim? So is the boss of BBC2 TV. The boss of Channel 4 television is a Shi'ite Muslim too. The lady at the Washington News Agency which supplies the direct communications from ISIS - she is a Shi'ite Muslim, so is the senior news editor at Reuters. The boss of BBC News & Current Affairs is a Shi'ite Muslim. His old job was being the editor of the Guardian Newspaper, which is now taken over by a Shi'ite Muslim - in fact, all the most prominent columnists in the Spectator, The Week, Economist and all the Sunday newspapers are written by Shi'ite Muslims. The senior Political Correspondent at BBC Radio4 is a Shi'ite Muslim, as are the presenters of Women's Hour, and most of the guests on the Radio4 comedy shows are all Shi'ite Muslims. In fact, the Talent Agents representing all the most famous stars of British TV & Film are Shi'ite Muslims as are nearly every single one of the BBC's stars on their flagship drama TV shows…. Funny that, isn't it...
But it doesn't get so funny when we look at 10 Downing Street - did you know that the Prime Minister is married to a Shi'ite Muslim and that his father-in-law owns 19,000 acres of Scotland held in an off-shore tax haven? Did you know that half the Cabinet and hundreds of billions of British tax payers money is handled by ministers and junior ministers who are all Shi'ite Muslims? Did you know the former leader of the labour party was a Shi'ite Muslim [who ate bacon]? And that the Mayor of London is a Shi'ite Muslim, and that he's handing over to a new Mayor who is also a Shi'ite Muslim…? But weirdest of all, did you know that many of Britain's most evil serial killers were Shi'ite Muslims? And what about the aristocratic sex criminals? What about Lord Janner, well he was a Shi'ite Muslim. What about Sir Leon Brittan, he was a Shi'ite Muslim too. And what about the former assistant director of MI6, Sir Peter Hayman who was arrested in a public toilet and was a member of the pedo-information exchange group? He was a Shi'ite Muslim…..
Of course, none of these people I have mentioned are Shi'ite Muslims - they are Jews. And the Jewish religion is based on laws & teachings which say that non-Jews are INFERIOR. Jewish scripture, as taught by Rabbis, says that Jewish people are SUPERIOR to non-Jews and that non-Jews are 'slaves'. In fact, some Jewish texts, such as the Babylonian Talmud, say that a non-Jewish person can be murdered and no police investigation will ever happen against the murderer if they are Jewish. Many of these Jewish texts propose the idea that Jews are the MASTER RACE of planet Earth. This idea, as you may recall, was copied by HITLER, who also had his own version of this racist 'MASTER RACE' theology. I find that thoroughly UN-BRITISH. And so does KEN LIVINGSTONE. That's why I have written to Jeremy Corbyn today and that is why I want Ken not to be suspended any longer from the Labour Party.