WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU about IRAN is that Britain, through its ownership of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, controlled all of Iran's oil resources from the 1920's. Iran has been a pawn just the same as Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Iraq and Yemen in a British game of chess which has seen ordinary working class Arabian families repressed and living in poverty, whilst beneath their feet billions of dollars of sweet crude oil flow. The GOOD COP BAD COP chess game saw the Hebrew Communist cousins of King George at the Kremlin split Iran, and in November 1945 Azerbaijan had become an autonomous state. British ministers in London, and to a lesser degree, ministers of the French state in Paris, dictated everything for the people of Iran - keeping them closed away, dumbed down, whilst all the while sucking out the Iranian oil and shipping it to refineries in England and Marseilles.
Now Mr Trump has given his speech at AIPAC we can see that the $150 billion dollars given to Iran in the Nuclear Treaty will be claimed back and Mr Trump's speech suggests he will light a powder keg in the region. Yes, all of us want to see the 'terror cells' Iran has sponsored worldwide disbanded - just the same as we would like to see Department D of MI6 and the French secret agents who bombed the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior disbanded...
Sabre rattling against Iran will force the share values of Lockheed Martin up - but it will do nothing to solve the Hydro Carbon thirst in the West. Iran will ALWAYS be an energy rich nation - because kilojoules of SOLAR POWER are there - and Iran is slightly closer to the big European car manufacturing plants. Iran became the indisputable major economic and military power of the Middle East whilst Britain propped up it's fake monarchy. But in 1978 a cruel master plan of the French, so spiteful in having lost all it's 'French Empire' engineered a revolution, the king of Iran was flown out to Paris, and on a return flight in came Ayatollah Komenhi. But, as per usual, Buckingham Palace were one step ahead - the devout extreme fanatical Muslim men patting their heads celebrating his arrival had no idea that the Ayatollah was a BRITISH SPY who'd been a 'sleeper' monitoring French machinations in Paris and was the 'reserve' 'religious' puppet on stand by. His real name was Ru Williamson he was born in September 1902 in the Punjab and was son the British MI6 Agent William Richard Williamson. His father was an executive at Shell Oil [as a cover], and his son had been groomed from birth to be a cardboard cut-out 'Islamic leader'.
Thus Buckingham Palace foiled both the Parisienne pedo-tri-sexual spy jet-set, the French government, and the fundamentalist sects who believed that this British-educated MI6 cut-out would bring them closer to ALLAH! Bloody hell, not likely!
Soon after, the British Foreign Office in London set up a IRAN DESK and an IRAQ DESK which were in the same room, and sex pervert millionaire government minister, Alan Clarke [who inspired Rik Mayall's character in THE NEW STATESMEN comedy series], set about arming Saddam Hussein [another CIA cut-out agent and member of the quasi-masonic Safari Club of pedophiles] with a SUPER GUN designed and built by Matrix Churchill in Britain... And there our fairy tale ends children - until the fake Ayatohlla Williamson dies and there is a whiff of true democracy in the air - called the ARAB SPRING - which was the spark which caused Buckingham Palace to ignite the touch paper of 'Jewhadists' who are meant to be fundamental devout Muslims, but who never dare touch Israel, and kill Muslims on a daily basis.

Watch the Video the New York Times Didn't Want You to See - ISRAEL and APARTHEID. WHILE THEY SEND MILLIONS of EMIGRANTS to EUROPE. MOTHER FUCKERS.