Juri Lina (Under the sign of the Scorpion):

"The European Union was also founded under the sign of Scorpio - on
the 1st of November 1993. The reader might wonder whether there really
are any parallels between the Soviet Union and the European Union.
Unfortunately, there are plenty of them.
The EU Parliament is simply an advisory organ with no legislative
powers. The parliament of the former Soviet Union (the Supreme Soviet)
had no legislative power either. The EU Council (the government) is
dependent upon propositions from the EU Commission in order to make
its decisions. The Ministerial Council of the Soviet Union, too, was unable
to make any decisions without directives from the Politburo.
The EU Commission has the real power and can make decisions with 8
out of 17 members present. The deliberations are not public and the
minutes are classified. The supreme organ of the Communist Party in the
Soviet Union, the Politburo (normally with 15 members), also held the
real power. Their deliberations were likewise kept secret.
When the EU was founded on the 1st November 1993, the chairman of
the EU Commission, Jacques Delors (a Socialist and freemason), was
given more power than the governments of the member states. All the
candidates for the post of Commissioner have to be approved by the
chairman. The general secretary of the Politburo also held totalitarian
power, which, in part, is reminiscent of the powers invested in the
chairman of the EU Commission when it was founded in 1993.
There are many high-ranking EU officials, who are also freemasons,
and who organise crime within the framework of Masonic Lodges of the
Girand Orient and the Italian Mafia Cosa Nostra, according to information
from Brian Freemantle's book "The Octopus: Europe in the Grip of
Organised Crime" (London, 1995). High-ranking party functionaries in the
Soviet Union also organised crime together with criminal organisations.
High-ranking freemasons within the EC, and later the EU used their
knowledge of astrology to strengthen their position. It was in this manner
that the high-ranking freemason Francois Mitterand, who had become
president of France, found the best date to hold a referendum on the
Maastricht Treaty. He also had horoscopes made for several members of
the socialist government of the time. (Svenska Dagbladet, 9th of May
The same financial and Masonic forces (the Rothschild, Warburg and
Rockefeller families) who created the Soviet Union, are also behind the
European Union and its "free market economy". "