ISIS EXPLODE MOSQUES in IRAQ: Yes, according to the BBC, the strict Islamic 'Extremists' have been detonating explosives inside some of the world's most cherished and archaeologically important MOSQUES - right in the heart of the ancient city of Mosul - which, for years leading to the sudden emergence of ISIS, was under the control of the BRITISH CROWN. Yes, it was Her Majesty's government which drew the borders of Iraq, named the country and educated the children of the previously wealthy camel traders at Eton. For 200 years, the British foreign office has been waging economic strategic warfare on the people of Iraq - and have employed a string of puppet dictators. The last one funded, employed and then assassinated by Bucking Palace was Mr Saddam Hussein who was armed with a SUPERGUN manufactured by Matrix Churchill in London, and then hung in his Marks and Spencers underpants when Saddam got 'too big for his boots'...
Iraq is governed by the modern version of the INDIAN OFFICE based inside the Foreign Office of WhiteHall. The lie put before the world is that somehow ISIS came from nowhere and were able to overthrow British military bases which had been in control of the territory for 200 years. Iraq's premiere British controller was a Jewish military officer called HIRTZEL - and by the time Saddam came to power, the Iraq Treasury was under the control of Iraqi Jews from the Sassoon family. The Kardashian family were also controlling large sectors of Iraq commerce [yes, the Kardashian name is a Jewish-Iraqi family].
But the BBC let slip today that old MOSQUES have now been exploded. Why would ISIS, who are supposedly devout Muslims, plant bombs inside MOSQUES???? The only answer is that Iraq is now being ETHNICALLY CLEANSED by Buckingham Palace and Israel and that the indigenous Arabian Muslims are to be slaughtered in a fake 'blood bath' which is being blamed on ISIS.
What ISIS has done is highly insulting to Muslims. Already Muslim clerics have denounced ISIS on Aljazeera and accused them of being Jewish 'spies'. An Iraqi professor of archaeology stated on TV "What really I find disgusting is that ISIS smashed all the great grand statues which would have attracted future tourist income to Iraq, they used power drills to cut out the eyes of the ancient Flying-Bull statues… We have an aggressive insult in the Arab world, it means 'I'm going to poke your eyes out'… It's as if ISIS are doing the work of Israel - it's like Israel - not Muslims - have invaded and are destroying the future tourist income of Iraq". Say no more.