I have had a great day, writing huge amounts and getting 'on a roll' writing… I am updating two books I wrote about Hitler, Himmler, Third Reich Propaganda, secret societies between the wars, and the British Royal Family members who joined the NAZI Party even before Hitler did… My books are being converted for Retina iOS and Android… All three of the Duke of Edinburgh's sisters married senior NAZI officers. The fathers of the Duchess of Kent and the Princesses of the Dutch Royal Family were both members of the SS. Hitler was trained in giving speeches by a man called Hanussen who was a Jewish illusionist and stage hypnotist. Romany Gysies and Freemasons were targeted because they understood the power of the Kabbalah. Himmler was creating his own Secret Society and his own form of 'Aryan' magic based on the Scandinavian legends called Eddas, Runes and Norse-Pagan baby-burning rituals.
The blonde-haired blue eyed children bred in the NAZI barracks weren't the 'master race' they were the intended SACRIFICIAL VICTIMS of a strictly structured hierarchal REICH or KINGDOM in which the Norse god TARANIS would be venerated through baby burnings at a circular chamber under a medieval castle near Wewelsburg… TARANIS is the name of the new British AeroSpace stealth drone bomber. The abdicated KING EDWARD [whose real name was DAVID] was waiting in the wings to become the new 'King of the Third Reich'. My book research was used to write the script for the film BROTHERHOOD OF THE BEAST.