322 BRUSSELS BOMBS (22 March = 322 of Skull and Bones).

"A GOOD DAY TO BURY BAD NEWS" those were the cruel and heartless words used by one of Tony Blair's cronies on the day of 911. In the wake of the 322 Brussels Ambush Bombs we have Osborne scuttling around in the shadows, the Westminster VIP sex crimes investigation cancelled and, of course, the risk that the PEOPLE POWER victory we attained on the day before the 322 Brussels Bombs in which the government U-turned on cutting benefits of disabled people at jeopardy. Keep your eyes and ears open for flash in the pan news reports about important government scandals which will be swept under the carpet whilst the mainstream media provide 'cover' in their wishy-washy repetitive 'coverage' of the 322 Brussels Bombs.  

THERE IS A CONSPIRACY to make Muslims kill Christians. THERE IS A CONSPIRACY to make Rich kill Poor. THERE IS A CONSPIRACY to make Christians kill Muslims. It is a hangover from the time of the Knights Templar and a PACT which was struck between Hugh de Champagne and the Rabbi teaching Kabbalah at the School of Narbonne. Saladin, the Muslim warrior, had conquered Jerusalem - and the Rabbis in Europe wanted Jerusalem back. So the Rabbis promised the aristocratic Templars that if they killed and slaughtered Muslims, and brought back to Europe the Goetic demonological texts from catacombs under Solomon's mount, that the Templars would be trained in how to summon demons using shrunken & pickled human heads encased in silver caskets. These heads were known as BAPHOMETS… And that, is just the start of the saga which we now see unfolding before our eyes - this war has been going on for centuries - but this is the first time that we have SOCIAL MEDIA in which to expose the demons, the tyranny, the bent and crooked politicians who all make money from the arms industry, terrorism and suffering.   

Mainstream media always say "ISIS HAS CLAIMED RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ATTACK" - but HOW? What mode of communication do ISIS use? A Tweet? A website? Interestingly, the Amaq News Agency is the SOLE SOURCE of official ISIS communications which are published in Arabic, then translated by a lady called RITA KATZ - she writes articles about ISIS for every mainstream newsfeed… IAN KATZ is the former Guardian editor who is now in charge of the BBC NewsNight team. Between these two, about 90% of what you see on the news about ISIS has passed through their hands. 

TRAIN WRECK: 9:11am the detonation happened. At 9:30am the debate on PALESTINE started at the EU HQ just 150 feet away from this train bomb. Mainstream media have been censoring the train wreck photos. I would be very grateful if any of my FB buddies have uncensored photos which they can send/post to me. As you remember - the tube train in London during the 7/7 London attack had the floor blown UPWARDS - showing the bomb was UNDER the floor of the train - MI6 said it was in a passenger backpack and inside the carriage… Now what do we see here? Total carnage - and some strange rope material on the floor of this Belgian train - what is it? Have any of my clever FB buddies got suggestions?  

MARCH 22ND = 3/22 = '322' - the day that PALESTINE was being debated in the EU parliament. What possible political gain could ISIS have in disrupting the debate in the EU Parliament? Many European countries have recognised Palestine as a sovereign nation. So why would ISIS target the train station right next to the EU Parliament Building? Disruption of the debate would benefit just ONE NATION: ISRAEL. 

How can the flight information TVs still be intact and working, and the billboards still intact whilst the ceiling has been destroyed? The main bomb was meant to be to the right of the sculpture - so how come the billboards were not destroyed? 

MISINFORMATION DIRECT FROM THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: I immediately assumed that considering a bomb had exploded 150 feet away from the EU HQ, that the Foreign Affairs Committee debate on PALESTINE would be cancelled. BUT IT WASN'T - the debate continued - and this is part of an ongoing situation where the nationhood of Palestine is now OFFICIALLY RECOGNISED by the EU SuperState - when France announced its recognition of Palestine, Netanyahu warned France it was making a 'grave mistake' - and then within weeks of that warning the CHARLIE HEBDO attacks happened…. I actually watched the PALESTINE DEABTE direct from the EU video feed.
However, the DAILY MAIL has published a statement from a senior EU official saying: "The European Commission's vice-president Kristalina Georgieva said meetings were CANCELLED and urged people to 'stay home or inside buildings'. Ms Georgieva said on Twitter: 'Following situation in Brussels. EU institutions working together to ensure security of staff & premises. Please stay home or inside buildings". BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED - the PALESTINE DEBATE continued.
So what POLITICAL GAIN could ISIS have from disrupting the EU HQ on a day when Palestine is being officially recognised? NONE - in fact, disrupting this EU debate process is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE to the ISIS cause. So, WHO BENEFITS? Obviously the answer would be ISRAEL.
This photo shows, I think, pretty conclusively, that the explosives were detonated ABOVE GROUND LEVEL - and most likely in the air conditioning ducts. 

Ground level windows still intact - upper level windows all blown out - blast seems to have been towards the left of this picture and ABOVE GROUND - not from a luggage trolley.