NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL DEMOCRACY: The billionaire former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is thinking about running for president as an independent candidate. Bloomberg has headed many controversial policies and advocates MASS CCTV AND SNOOPING - yep he is yet another paranoid Hebrew politician being thrust down our throats by the mainstream… So, I suppose we should survey the front runners:
- Donald Trump: Father & Hebrew bank funded thousands of For-Rent Apartments, creating a regular income used to mortgage skyscrapers.
- Hilary Clinton: Lied over WaterGate and supported her lying husband. Accused of being part of a Baphomet-inspired Judeo witch cult at the heart of Capitol Hill.
- Bernie Sanders: Supposedly a 'wild card' but always votes for going to war.
- Michael Bloomberg: Mayor of New York surrounded by armed bodyguards but advocates the banning of guns for the peasants.
Well, as you can see this really is a 'REPRESENTATIVE SELECTION' of politicians who I am sure have the well being of the People as their main priority - BUT WAIT A MINUTE - do these politicians represent a fair cross-section of society? Or are they all from a Hebrew-Judeo family background with campaigns funded by Jewish merchant banks? It seems that 100% of the front runners in this election are all Hebrew/Jewish-funded. But only a tiny slither of society in the USA is actually Jewish. Are these politicians really THAT popular? Or are they 'totem figureheads' taken from the Jewish-American far-right - making it look like there is a 'democracy'? Well, that's a question that the BBC will NEVER ask!