WHY IS THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE BETWEEN CLINTON & TRUMP? ANSWER: BECAUSE THEY ARE BOTH RELATED TO THE QUEEN. Buckingham Palace has always controlled Washington DC from behind the scenes. You may never have heard of John of Gaunt, who was the son of King Edward III… I suppose Buckingham Palace would like it that way - but this guy, was featured in the Shakespearean play Richard II, is actually the guy at the point in the TRUMP and CLINTON family trees - WHERE BOTH FAMILIES MEET. Yes TRUMP is related to the CLINTONS. Its almost the same as John Kerry who was related to George W Bush.
Gaunt had a mistress who he later married and their offspring were legitimised. Gaunt's children include Donald Trump's 17th great-grandfather John Beaufort and Hilary Clinton's 17th great-grandmother Joan Beaufort. Whichever wins will always be LOYAL TO THE CROWN… Being 'loyal' means making sure the massive trillions-of-dollars-per-year tax revenue continues flowing across the Atlantic and filling the pockets of the Royals. Both Trump & Clinton's mutual royal forefather was a bastard TAX COLLECTOR...
JOHN OF GAUNT was an arch royal criminal - extorting MASSIVE TAXES from peasants. In 1377, John of Gaunt imposed a new tax, the "Poll Tax", that was to cover the cost of the war against Joan of Arc and the French. Although this was meant to be a "one-off" WAR TAX, it was so successful that it was repeated three more times. The first tax was 4 old pennies from every adult, and finally in 1380, it was raised to a massively unaffordable 12 pennies per adult. This Poll Tax caused a massive public upheaval and a revolt by the peasants.