PEOPLE POWER IN POLAND: Well, thanks to TERRY BOARDMAN'S research, we now know that the EUROPEAN SUPERSTATE and the murderous COMMUNIST system inflicted upon hundreds of millions of Russians and Chinese WERE ALL PRE-PLANNED AS LONG AGO AS 1921. Yep, the SECOND WORLD WAR was a SHAM and nothing more than a sick SACRIFICE of working class people on the altar of the Masonic All Seeing Eye.
Everything about the 'Sovet Union' was nothing more than a sick SOCIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENT stage-managed by Buckingham Palace. Former Russian colonies are now being further duped because they have joined the 'European Union' and think they now live in 'FREEDOM'. Nothing could be further from the truth. Huge numbers of people are now protesting because the government says that only it has the right to hire and fire the bosses of radio and TV stations… Hmmmm…. Sounds just like the old Communist system!
Polish People Power is out on the streets this weekend challenging the ridiculous Marxist-Hebrew agenda of total media manipulation. The people say new SNOOPING LAWS will curtail privacy and freedom. Protesters shouted "democracy" and waved banners criticising planned changes to laws on surveillance. The measures would expand government access to digital data and allow for greater surveillance by police - just like the days of the KGB.