THE SECRET DEAL BETWEEN GOVERNMENT MINISTERS AND PEDO-PRIESTS of the VATICAN: The BBC and former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor are leading Brits astray - in a recent BBC documentary which claimed that victims of child sexual assault had 'unreliable memories', the BBC deliberately avoided to mention the fact that the IRISH GOVERNMENT HAVE BEEN PROTECTING PEDO RAPISTS FOR YEARS. The Irish Child Abuse Commission in 2009 saw the GOVERNMENT JOIN FORCES WITH THE ABUSERS and block any attempts at jailing or naming the pedo priests. This was done in full knowledge that USA-based Cardinals had been assisting KNOWN PEDO PRIESTS and as siting their move from one parish to another.
In Ireland, many victims came forward with testimonies of emotional, physical and sexual abuse of thousands of children over 70 years. Was it on the TV PromeTime news? Only sometimes. The Irish Commission published their report on 20th May 2009 - which should have triggered mass arrests. But it didn't. Even though the report drew on the testimony of nearly 2,000 witnesses, men and women who attended more than 200 Catholic-run schools from the 1930s until the 1990s - the government of Ireland sided with the pedo priests - NOT the victims. We see a mirror image of this with Conservative MP Harvey Proctor and the BBC - who has called victims 'fantasists'.
An agreement was struck with the Irish victims on one side and the Roman Catholic pedo-Brothers and Irish government on other side… In Ireland, all those who accepted the state/Brothers settlements, had to waive their right to sue both the church and the government. But - get this - their abusers' identities are also kept secret. Also, Irish tax payers' money was used to settle compensation claims caused by Vatican Priests!