TUNISIA - THE LAND OF THE ARAB SPRING has seen big marches of people complaining about high levels of unemployment in Tunisia. Of course, ISIS is a manufactured entity which was quickly wheeled in to smash and confuse the 20 or so Arab nations who wanted to modernise their economies as part of the ARAB SPRING - which actually started in Tunisia… Tunisia has been under the thumb of France and basically the religious 'brotherhoods' since 700AD who have conspired to hold backmodern technology and liberal Europeanised social values… Tunisia relies on TOURISM and of course Buckingham Palace have seen fit to attack the TOURIST INCOME of many Islamic nations. Last year, there was an attack on a Tunisian beach and another attack outside the Tunisian Bardo Museum - neither of these targets make any sense until you realise that ISIS is stage-managed from behind the scenes by a pro-Hebrew elite.
In Libya, Tunisia's neighbour to the east, the state has been collapsing whilst British super-tankers suck vast amounts of crude oil from the nation - literally like 'oil vampires'… So much crude is being sucked from Libya for free by the British-backed oil companies that it has caused a slump of the crude oil price - simply because there is a massive glut.
Vast quantities of arms have found their way into Libya courtesy of the Pentagon and CIA. Just like in Syria,'Islamist militants' have easily acquired those weapons - it's the same script just re-run in a different country…
Massive unemployment in Tunisia has attracted disproportionately high numbers of Tunisian delinquents as ISIS fighters - they are being hoodwinked into the MI6 SPONGE OPERATION and return home having been tagged and earmarked as either false-flag participants or victims of yet more bomb plots designed to arrest the national development of Tunisia and all the other Islamic economies.
ISIS, as if by magic, has a growing presence in Tunisia & Libya. Former MI6 sources say some 1,500 Tunisians attached to the outlawed fakers "Ansar al-Sharia" and aligned with IS are thought to be training in Libya, preparing to return to Tunisia and carve out a presence. Meanwhile Tunisian families who are not terrorists and who even go on anti-terrorist marches, and some of whom speak French and have studied abroad, go penniless and unemployed. Just the way Buckingham Palace likes it.