THE FRENCH BODY COUNT from yesterday's attack in Burkina Faso includes yet more tourists killed by ISIS-linked groups. Why? Why kill tourists? According to the BBC, a jihadist group formed about three years ago said it is behind two attacks on hotels in West Africa in two months. Hmmmm… Two HOTELS… Full of tourists… Just what on earth would any 'militant' group want with dead tourists? If they are meant to be a terror group aligned with ISIS, then wouldn't a government building be a more LOGICAL target than unsuspecting tourists?
Once part of the Mossi kingdoms, the French government began to conquer the region in 1896, carving it up into Mali, Niger, Ivory Coast and Upper Volta, as Burkina Faso was then known. Like in Algeria, the French were hard headed bastards beheading anyone who did not follow the rules. In fact, the French post office celebrated colonialism by issuing a postage stamp with beheaded Africans.
The French government, which has had ONLY Jewish prime ministers since 1946, were spitting mad when Upper Volta gained independence in 1960, breaking free from French rule which had been weakened by World War II. At this stage France had already lost SYRIA as a colony and sent a destroyer off the Syrian coast which caused the death and murder of many innocent Syrians...
Several coups caused havoc in Burkina Faso over successive decades - and all these dictators were financed from Paris. When socialist leader Thomas Sankara took over in the 1980s he upset Paris by introducing food subsidies, slashing ministerial salaries and renaming the country 'Burkina Faso'. Whoops!
Now, all of a sudden, as if by magic, Burkina Faso is over-run by masked men just like we saw in the Friday 13th Paris terror attacks… The group which the BBC say killed people yesterday in Burkina Faso is called al-Murabitoun, supposedly based in the Sahara desert in northern Mali and contains fighters loyal to the veteran Algerian militant, Mokhtar Belmokhtar… There is a common root to all these recent attacks - and that is that there is usually at least ONE FRENCH PERSON amongst the dead. Is it someone who 'knew too much'?
In November 2015, al-Murabitoun said it was behind the hostage-taking at the Radisson Blu hotel in the Malian capital, Bamako - of course, the BBC have failed to mention that the 'terrorists' arrived in a car WITH DIPLOMATIC PLATES and that is why the hotel gates were opened for the 'terrorists'.