the BBC bother to make a single peep about communities which had been under siege in recent months. In fact, the BLOCKADE AGAINST IRAQ which caused the unnecessary suffering and deaths of 800,000 people is a hi-tec form of 'siege'. If you remember, Madeleine Albright described this siege/blockade and the deaths it caused "worth it". In reality, the starvation of Iraq bred huge resentment, and that resentment has been boiled up into racism promoted by some 'extremist' clerics which have then attracted a 'jihadist' audience which has, in turn, been infiltrated by Mossad and the intelligence community. Siege/starvation tactics in Syria will have, I fear, the same effect. The TEMPLARS used this same tactic to create a vast kingdom called the KINGDOM OF JERUSALEM which was ruled by French aristocrats. Arabian historical records testify that in the thirteenth century, about 10,000 muslim children were abused and/or killed every month by the Templar invaders.