Christopher Everard
53 mins · 
AS LONG AS YOU KEEP IN MIND that ISIS are actually funded and stage managed by the British-Israeli intelligence agencies, then all events in Syria become clear. This is not a 'civil war' to get rid of President Assad. It is a COUP - not a normal civil war. ISIS is just a 'front' so that Assad can be thrown onto the political scrapheap and all that juicy Syrian oil can flow into the hands of Israel and Buckingham Palace. This explains why ISIS KILL MUSLIMS. If they were true Muslims they would not kill other Muslims, nor anyone at all. Yesterday, ISIS 'massacred' Syrian government forces. 135 people have been killed by ISIS in an attack on the oil-rich Eastern Syrian province of Deir Ezzor. Syrian TV called it a massacre saying 300 people had died. 400 people have also been kidnapped. The vast majority of those suffering in the attack are Muslims. OIL is the de facto reason behind all the carnage.

DID THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT SHOOT DOWN Metrojet Flight 9268? This plane was full of tourists heading back to Russia after a wonderful holiday in Egypt. At the time of the crash, hardly no Mainstream News media mentioned the fact that the plane came down very, very close to the border with Israel. Why?
On October 31, 2015, Metrojet Flight 9268 crashed 23 minutes after take-off from Sharm-el Sheikh International airport, killing all 224 passengers and crew on board. The 'official story' is that BEDOUIN CAMEL TRADERS shot the plane down. These camel traders are somehow linked to ISIS. They are meant to be activists who were part of the Egyptian MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD crisis from 2011. But we know from Egyptian viewers of the ENIGMA CHANNEL that the Muslim Brotherhood were funded by the CIA and handed weapons and ammo via agents in ISRAEL… Much of the footage showing crowds rioting in Egypt was FAKED.
Metrojet Flight 9268 was an international chartered passenger flight, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia, which disintegrated above the northern Sinai on 31 October 2015. ISIS claimed responsibility on Twitter. Since then, ISIS Twitter accounts have been traced to the London street where St Ermine's hotel stands - this is the recruitment venue for MI5 and MI6 and the Caxton Bar [inside the hotel] is where MI6 Section D staged GUERRILLA WARFARE black operations from 1939 onwards.
On 2nd November last year, Metrojet spokesman Alexander Smirnov ruled out technical fault and pilot error as the cause of the crash and blamed an "external force". No desert camel trader/activists in the middle of nowhere out in the Sinai peninsular have any access to surface-to-air missiles capable of hitting an aircraft at high altitude. The only surface-to-air missile systems in the vicinity which can reach the cruising altitude of an airliner are in southern Israel. On 4th November British intelligence became involved in the investigation. The UK government sent extra consular staff and "half a dozen military planners" to Egypt. Why?
However, no Camel Trader/Activists loyal to ISIS out in the Sinai desert have been identified, nor has there been any retaliation, nor it seems any investigation into Camel Traders which may have had a surface to air missile system. The Egyptian crash investigators have denied the claims that a '1 kilo' TNT bomb packed inside a soda can was responsible for the downed plane.

BUCKINGHAM PALACE REMOVE SANCTIONS ON IRAN AND ENGINEER A MASSIVE OIL PRICE SLUMP: The economic factors happening right now are WORSE than in 2008 at the start of the 'economic crisis'. Stockmarkets are slumping, manufacturing in first world nations is at an all time low. Massive price-fixing in Supermarkets is driving homelessness and suicides amongst farmers. Local governments are being allowed to over-charge and rig local taxes causing homelessness in the general population. VolksWagen shares down a third… But most of all CRUDE OIL - which underpins the economy of RUSSIA - has slumped in price...
However, because all BOOMS and BUSTS are engineered by Buckingham Palace who control all the central banks of the Commonwealth nations, we only get a 'boom' or a 'bust' when they say so… The 'AUSTERITY' measures have all been exposed as a scam. Cameron's government is so unpopular that Buckingham Palace cannot afford to 'play the austerity card' any longer. The public know that fat cats got fatter and richer, whilst austerity made the poor people poorer. Push that too far and Buckingham Palace will end up with a REVOLUTION on their hands...
So, having stolen the oil from Libya, from Syria, and having stolen all the oil from Iraq, Buckingham Palace is now CRASHING THE ECONOMY OF RUSSIA by deliberately lifting sanctions against IRAN and flooding the global oil market.
Of course, this will only make petrol at Israeli-owned supermarkets about a penny cheaper - why? Because 98% of what you pay in petrol in England is TAXATION which flows into the pockets of the Monarchy. By crashing the cost of Oil, Buckingham Palace achieve:
- Crash in Venezuela oil market
- Crash in Russian oil market
- Crash in any 'ISIS' stolen oil market  

BURKINA FASO ATTACK: Gradually we are seeing the events unfold - just like the Paris Friday 13th attacks, the people involved are all linked in some way to the government of FRANCE. Quebec is the French state inside Canada which was founded on the international fur trade - this trade bludgeoned baby seals and trapped arctic foxes - and then sold the furs to the huge Jewish cartels of fur traders in the 'Haute Coiture' back alleys of Paris. At least six of the victims at the Splendid Hotel [a luxury hotel by all accounts] were from the French state of Quebec.