Christopher Everard
19 hrs ·  

THE WAY IT IS: I am afraid it is very obvious that many of these 'refugees' hold a GRUDGE, and considering they are already in France and inside the E.U. as it is, then that is where their Human RIghts and benefits must be met. These anonymous people, many of whom have been bombed out of their homes by Prince Harry and his chums - pose a massive threat to the ordinary British & European people who are trying to get on with their everyday lives. The 6,500 people at the Coquelles camp in Calais must be dispersed back into France, where they came from, and the camp must be shut down.
The bare faced situation is that the professional assassins in the Intelligence Community are using the refugee crisis as a 'smokescreen' so they can wage SOCIAL-TERROR CAMPAIGNS against the Working Classes here in Britain and on continental Europe. We have seen it all before with the Fake I.R.A. Terror Campaigns in Ireland and the UK - most of those bombs were never even investigated and no one was caught - why? Because the bombs had been planned and planted by 'Steak Knife', a commando working for Buckingham Palace, alongside many other MI5 professional killers. Just like we saw with Drummer Rigby - MI5 offered the Woolwich slasher a £45,000 per year job to come and work for Her Majesty's spying & assassination squads.
The by-word here is FEAR. Keeping the general public wracked with nerves as they travel on trains and busses - so that their confidence is blown in themselves, and that HATRED FOR OTHER RACES is stewed deep inside their souls. The indiscriminate, illogical 'Terrorism' we see is designed to stop PEOPLE POWER, international, cross-racial groups of massive proportions gathering together and toppling the Royal-Political Elite who control the mainstream media.
'ISIS' very probably does not even exist. You'll notice that not a single government minister nor official was hurt in the Paris attacks. Why was it that not a single building, even remotely connected to 'The Establishment' was targeted? Because these atrocities ARE the ESTABLISHMENT. And the Refugees flooding Europe are going to be used as the 'fake enemy' by the Establishment - so that Christendom is pitted against Islam - and the Royal-Political-Hebrew Elite are left in charge - being ferried around in their bulletproof and bombproof limousines and living in stately homes laughing as they use our taxes to fund a Hebrew war against the Muslim nations, steal their oil, and also steal the Solar Power resources of Arabia, which will be sold back to us schmucks as very over-priced Electricity.