Christopher Everard
1 hr ·

Strange isn't it, that the BBC and not a single TV News show is BLAMING President Hollande, Merkel and Cameron for opening up our borders and letting 650,000 refugees [many who have no passport] into the UK, Germany & France in the last six months. I did actually warn people right here on this page, that Working Class people on busses and trains would be killed by 'terrorists' who had entered as 'refugees', but in reality these are 'False Flags' - just like the IRA killings in Ireland - most of which were planned by Her Majesty's intelligence officer codenamed 'Steak Knife'. The day after I published that, in a surprise doorstep shooting in Ireland, one of the key witnesses who was exposing the fact that the 'IRA' were actually managed by Buckingham Palace was murdered! Curious that there is no REASON being broadcast as to why these ordinary people at a soccer match, a rock gig and a cafe were all targeted. Not a single government minister nor policeman hurt nor targeted. Why should 'extremists' choose targeted venues where muslims would be there?