"Not even the MacMillan Committee, which was appointed in 1929,
managed to find out who governed the Bank of England. Only one
name has leaked out - that of Rothschild. All great wars have been
started and financed by the economic conglomerate emanating from
one single banking family"

 " On 1 May 1998, exactly 222 years after the founding of the order
of the Illuminati (222 being a third of 666, which in turn is a third of
1998), the European Central Bank was established, actually a cartel
of private banks. All of the people shall be in debt through taxation.
The masonic bankers are thus trying to realize the Knights Templar
ancient idea of creating a European super state by means of the
banking system. " 

" Frank Vanderlip, who worked for Rockefeller, admitted later in The
Saturday Evening Post: "I do not feel it is any exaggeration to speak of
our secret expedition to Jekyll Island as the occasion of the actual
conception of what eventually became the Federal Reserve System."
Jekyll Island is a well-known resort on the Georgia coast.
During the Jekyll Island meeting at the end of 1910, Paul Warburg
emphasized that the term 'central bank' should be avoided under all
circumstances. It was decided to present the project as a Regional
Reserve System.
It was made sure that Morgan's candidate, the freemason Thomas
Woodrow Wilson was elected president. His campaign was financed by
Jacob Schiff, Bernard Baruch, Henry Morgenthau, New York Times'
publisher Adolph Ochs and other powerful Jewish financiers and free-
The high-ranking freemason Edward Mandel House, President
Woodrow Wilson's confidential adviser, by many historians considered
the actual president of the United States during Wilson's
administration, proposed in his novel "Philip Dru: Administrator - A
Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935" (New York, 1912), which was pub-
lished anonymously, a transition to a graduated income tax and a
central bank. These requirements were known from the Illuminati
five-point program. "Colonel" House was in favour of forming a world
government and adopting "socialism as dreamed by Karl Marx". To
accomplish this he was willing to use political fraud. His hero Philip
Dru seizes the government of the United States with the backing of a
secret cartel of rich and powerful financiers.
The Federal Reserve bill was presented the night of 22 December
1913, when most of the members of the congressional committee
were asleep. The same day the bill was hastily pushed through the
House of Representatives and the Senate, President Wilson signed the
Federal Reserve Act and control over money supply was transferred
from Congress to private masonic bankers. Four times earlier the
American people had managed to get rid of a central bank but not
the fifth time. "    

" The Russian professors of psychiatry, Sikorsky, Rybakov and Kova-
levsky, in 1906 had established that the revolutionaries usually were
mentally ill people, with a great urge to destroy everything (Grigori
Klimov, "The Red Cabbala", Krasnodar, 1996, p. 35). Thus the revo-
lutionary freemasons as well as the communist leaders and the
radical socialists were totally unbalanced people. They are simply
According to a study by the father of modern criminology and Pro-
fessor of Psychiatry, Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909, himself of Jewish
descent), at the University of Turin, there are among the Jews four
to six times as many mentally ill as among other etnic groups, and in
Germany the rate is eight times that of other Germans (Grigori
Klimov, "The Protocols of the Soviet Elders", Krasnodar, 1995, p. 39).
It is therefore understandable that Jewish extremists are over
represented among various sorts of "revolutionary leaders" and Maso-
nic grand masters.   "  

" In this war against mankind, which is a slow process, the free-
masons are free to break any law at will. A masonic prosecutor may
not prosecute a masonic brother, a freemason civil servant may not
expose the fraud of a masonic brother. The French judges that are
also freemasons are more loyal to the masonic Order than to the laws
of France. Masonic politicians are more likely to serve their brothers
than their country. Masonic bank directors put their "brothers" first
and together with other masonic bankers they block loans and even
drive desired non-freemasons into bankruptcy. Likewise a freemason
policeman will help a masonic criminal.  "