" The freemasons call themselves brothers and a freemason brother's
duty is always to aid another brother come what may.
Elie Wiesel wrote in his book "Legends of Our Time" as follows:
"Some events take place but are not true. Other events are true but
never occur." That was his Talmudic wisdom, which corresponds to
the situation that exists in today's world, where the freemasons have
an enormous influence.
"So you see, dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very
different personages to what is imagined by those who are not them-
selves behind the scenes," said Sidonia in Benjamin Disraeli's novel,
"Coningsby" (London, 1844, p. 233).
Disraeli admitted in the same novel that Rothschild financed the
revolutions in France the year 1789, 1830, and 1848. Therefore it is
understandable that Marx never criticized Rothschild.
At the Soviet Communist Party Congress in 1979 Professor Valeri
Yemelyanov stated that "the Jewish freemasons pyramid controls 80
per cent of the economy of the capitalist countries and 90-95 per
cent of the information media". 

" This practice of helping each other first is frequent within the
central administration of the European Union, where several high
officials are freemasons (Brian Freemantle, "The Octopus", London,
1995). The Grand Orient freemasons within the EU Commission and
the EU Parliament have above all co-operated with mafia groups. This
has been confirmed by EU parliamentarians such as Leoluca Orlando,
John Tomlinson, Terry Wynn and Peter Price.
Totally criminal French and Italian masonic lodges have great
influence over the EU Commission in Brussels and the EU Parliament
in Strasbourg. This was admitted by the spokesman of the Grand
Lodge of Great Britain, John Hamill. The Belgian Grand Orient is also
criminally involved. Its masonic brothers are in the upper echelons of
the EU Commission, where they are able to influence decisions made
by this non-elected executive body. The Grand Lodge of France has
very influential members in both the Commission and the Parliament.
The Grand Orient of France in fact is considered the most active and
most powerful in all of Europe. Within the central EU institutions the
freemasons wreak havoc without any hindrance. They are according
to John Hamill all socialists and have connection to the Mafia. All
proposals of registering all freemasons within the EU parliament have
been stopped (ibid). "   

"The Illuminati admitted into the highest degree had to have a red
cap at the meetings of the order. This cap was adopted by the Jaco-
bins during the so-called French Revolution. To humiliate Louis XVI,
the Illuminati functionaries put red cap on his head on 20 July 1792.
The masonic revolutionaries were preparing him for his meeting with
The supranational socialist power the Illuminati aspired to was
summed up in the concept of Novus Ordo Seclorum (the New World
Order). Some of the main points of this program were:
1. Suppression of all religion, including all communions and
doctrines which could not be subjected as tools for illuminism.
2. Suppression of all Sentiments of nationality and - in the
l o n g t e r m - a b o l i t i o n  o f  a l l  n at i o n s  a n d  i n t r o d u c t i o n  o f an  illuministic world government.
3. Successive transference of all private and national property
into the hands of the Illuminati.
The methods through which to accomplish this were new taxation
laws, which illuministic officials were to introduce. Weishaupt's
original plans also included a progressive income tax and an even
more confiscatory inheritance tax.
Karl Marx also wanted a high, progressive income tax in his
"Communist Manifesto". The intention was to weaken society.
4. An all-encompassing espionage and denunciation system
with the "insinuating brothers" as prototype. 
The symbol of this was the all-seeing eye, an eye within a pyra-
mid, which was the illuministic symbol of power. It was also known
as "the evil eye", which symbolized Osiris. This symbol originated
from the Brotherhood of the Serpent (Dragon) of ancient Egypt, at
the same time proclaiming Lucifer as wisdom incarnate.
And finally:
5. A global moral rule, a complete standardization of the
innermost will, wishes and aspirations of all peoples beneath
"the one will", the will of the Illuminati.
This is symbolized by olive branches.
These five rules are also denoted by the five-pointed star of
The secret code of the Illuminati is 666. The code number of King
Solomon was also 666. Every year he demanded 666 talents of gold (I
Kings 10:14). The design of his throne incorporated the code 666.
The tale of Solomon is the basis for masonic magic. 
The Illuminati simply wanted to abolish all forms of ordered
government, patriotism, religion and the family to finally set up a
world government."  

Yes, and they still want: we are given bad food, bad education, bad medical services and bad drugs, bad police, bad water, bad air, bad justice, bad morals. They want to destroy the family, to destroy the nations, to destroy the middle class, to destroy the nature. A sort of Monsanto kind of humanity. Like in the movie Elysium.  (my ideas).