Christopher Everard
1 hr ·

Eeek! Many people are said to have been killed in a series of attacks on the French - but the French news say they have found a PASSPORT of one of the terrorists, laying on the ground… Surprisingly, it is the passport of a SYRIAN REFUGEE!!!! [I did say a few weeks ago that letting millions of people into Europe without passports is a recipe for having ordinary workers blown to bits or shot by false flag terrorists - remember me saying that?]...
According to which news report you read, between 8 and 200 {!} French people were killed in the space of about 3 minutes.
The French police almost immediately found a SYRIAN PASSPORT [cue royalty free dramatic espionage music soundtrack]… What! Not another gunman carrying his passport! Sounds like 911 again!
If you all remember, Mohammed Atta's passport supposedly flew through the fuselage of an airliner, through a plate glass window, through a fireball of burning aviation fuel, out the other side of the building through another glass reinforced window and landed on the pavement in perfect condition, still readable - landed almost at the feet of a passing policeman, who handed it to the FBI who had already announced that Mohamed Atta was responsible! But Atta was never even picked up on CCTV at the boarding lounge and his name never appeared on the airline passenger list - so he had his real passport and a fake one too!
I heard NASA were replacing all the ceramic heat shield tiles on their space shuttles with the passports of terrorist gunmen because they have proven to be the most durable materials known to mankind! I suppose these gunmen take their passports to shootings because after all the hullaballoo they all need to jump on EasyJet and have a holiday?!?!?! I am monitoring this latest situation.