THREE OF THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH'S SISTERS MARRIED SENIOR NAZI OFFICERS. The entire NAZI system was funded by the grandson of Queen Victoria - a British prince who had been born in England and who had enjoyed a millionaire lifestyle on the back of the Working Class whose taxes enabled him to build a vast fortune. The Duke of Edinburgh's older sister was called Sophie – her diaries reveal that she and her husband, Prince Christoph von Hessen, coached both Hitler and his henchman Hermann Goering at their private residence in Germany, and gave Hitler their full support which propelled Hitler to power.
The Duke of Edinburgh's sister said she and her husband were 'impressed' by Hitler and joined the Nazi Women's Auxiliary and was photographed at Goering's wedding, on the top table with Hitler, and her husband Prince Christoph von Hessen. Prince Christoph was head of the SS in the Air Ministry. The couple named one of their sons Karl Adolf in Hitler's honour after meeting the Nazi leader in 1931 or 1932, before he became the German Chancellor. Prince Karl Adolf is the Duke of Edinburgh's nephew and his photos have been cleaned from Google.
The Duke of Edinburgh's sister noted in her memoir 'As Germany was going through hard times and there was a lot of poverty and general dissatisfaction everywhere, we were interested to hear about the great improvements his party was planning to do… 'As Goering was insistent we should meet Hitler personally, we decided to ask him to lunch at our flat…"