THE BBC - PEDDLING BRAIN WASHING MIND CONTROL FOR 100 YEARS: The BBC's HQ at the top of Regent Street [a road which, by the way is wholly owned by Buckingham Palace] was styled and designed by a pedophile ERIC GILL. Quite fitting really when you realise that inside that building the biggest PEDO MIND CONTROL PROGRAM the world has ever seen is funded by a £145 annual fee which people are FORCED TO PAY. Some of that license fee is used to PAY BROADCAST RIGHTS FOR SPORT - for example, CRICKET costs BBC License Payers £20,000 per 15 minutes!
Of course FOOTBALL is the biggest mass mind control and violent bullshit bonanza in the world of 'televised sport'. Everyone in Football is on the make. The FBI are investigating Sepp Blatter's role in a bribery scandal where $100million was paid to FIFA officials. Sports marketing company ISL paid bribes to officials including former president Joao Havelange and ex-Fifa executive Ricardo Teixeira. To FIX THE OUTCOME of a Football match you only have to bribe the GOALKEEPERS. When David Icke was presenting the BBC's Sporting mind control broadcasts with Frank Bough there was one bribery scandal after another - remember former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar deliberately let goals in so bets would be won - it was one of the Biggest Scandals in British Sporting History. David Icke was a goalkeeper before joining the ranks of the BBC.
Here we see a nice BBC pic with David Icke and Frank Bough. Bough was exposed in a sex and drugs scandal when it was revealed he had taken ­cocaine with a prostitute at a brothel in Mayfair. Everyone and everything connected to the BBC SHOULD BE VIEWED WITH SUSPICION.