WHO IS THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH? We know so little about this man. Who is his father? Who is his mother? The reason we know nothing about him is because he is GERMAN and was educated by Jewish schoolmasters who used strict NAZI-style methods, running their schools rather like 'penal colonies'. Remember - WWII was not a war between England v. Germany - it was a war of the RICH against the POOR. Very wealthy aristocratic Jewish people walked the streets of Germany unmolested and even quaffed champagne with the NAZI officers - Hitler described the rich Jewish NAZI supporters as 'Aryanized' and were part of his 'Blonde haired, blue eyed' Master-Race...
The Duke of Edinburgh was just one of many hundreds of German princes who were brain washed at the Salem Palace School. The school was run with strict NAZI discipline - and was founded by Kurt Hahn who was a German-Jewish schoolmaster with many friends amongst the aristocracy and a lover of Plato and Faustian literature.
Kurt Hahn was a rich Jewish entrepreneur and therefore immune to prosecution under the NAZI Regime - he was very critical of the NAZI regime at one point - but was always protected from prosecution - the British prime minister even once wrote a letter to Hitler asking for Kurt Hahn to live free after Hahn had criticised StormTroopers. You must remember that there were many jewish soldiers loyal to Hitler and if you were wealthy and a 'royal jew' then Hitler had no objection to sharing his dinner table with you - after all, Hitler was on their payroll.
It was Kurt Hahn who founded "the Duke of Edinburgh Award" when he moved to Scotland and started a new school which subsequently became embroiled in allegations about it being a 'pedo penal' colony.
Hahn named his school 'Gordonstoun', and in April 2015, The Guardian newspaper published inside allegations about what it was like to be 'educated' at Gordonstoun. For those parents who had been impressed by the fact that princes attended the school, it did in fact seem to be a good move to send one's children there. The Guardian says that Sean Connery and David Bowie’s sons attended, and so did Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter.
The April 2015 article goes on to explain that 'physical punishment, strict discipline and cold showers were key" and this is perhaps why Prince Charles is on record as having said he hated his experience there. Alegedly, Gordonstoun was notorious not just for being tough, but for bullying. As part of his initiation at Gordonstoun, Prince Charles, aged 13, is said to have been caged naked in a basket and left under a cold shower.
The regime was allegedly no better at Aberlour House [a preparatory school for Gordonstoun]. A series of complaints exposed that predatory paedophiles are a part of the schools' history. In 2013, former pupils began a private Facebook group, discussing events that had happened at the school, “that you don’t see in the brochures and the class photographs”, as one of them put it.
Child rapes, of boys and girls, were mentioned in Facebook posts. An alleged rape survivor managed the Facebook group which eventually involved more than 100 ex-pupils. So, if these allegations are true - what is the root cause of this wicked 'pedo penal' colony?
Well, Gordonstoun, the modern day masonic 'Illuminati' and our present British Royal family all have their roots in Germany in the years leading up to the two Great World Wars.