THE ROYAL BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI: My research over the years has drawn together very close ties between our British Royal Family and the BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI. These historical relationships have not been discussed nor discovered by other researchers or authors - probably because they can't speak foreign languages and never get off their arses to go to out-of-the-way public records offices in the backstreets of Dresden and Berlin. I do - and this is a snippet of an article in FYB Magazine:
Here we have a very rare archive pic of the young DUKE OF EDINBURGH [pictured left] at his school where students would exchange Heil Hitler salutes in the corridors, dressed in Roman tunics and often staging plays of Greek mythology.
People could not understand how Hitler could promote a Blonde Haired blue eyed MasterRace when Hitler had dark hair - that's because Hitler was just a trained speech-maker. The NAZI killing machine was funded by Duke Charlie Coburg of the Saxe-Gotha royal family and the Schleisweg-Holstein royals of Scandinavia - which is the Duke of Edinburgh's family. This idea of a 'blonde haired' Master Race was, a snide way of saying that the Duke of Edinburgh's German-Danish royal family would become the preeminent rulers of planet earth - which is exactly what they have indeed become.
All of the Duke's sisters married senior NAZI officers and his family played a pivotal role in promoting the strict ideological and social ambitions of the NAZI era. The British royal family made vast profits in WWII - the Volswagen company was handed over to British ownership at the end of the war.
The fact that the NAZI regime was funded by Duke Charlie Coburg of the British royal family was a closely guarded secret - after all Duke Charlie Coburg was Queen Victoria's favourite grandson! The official whitewash story handed out to the newspapers is that a giant SPLIT divided the British royal family down the middle - one half were totally British and stiff upper lip what what - whilst the other half of the royal family were all nasty NAZIs wearing spike helmets - after a lot of research I can now reveal that there WAS NO SPLIT.
In fact, the 'British' royal family set up a hotline between Hitler's private office and Buckingham Palace which was manned by Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was the official 'liaison' between the 'anti-NAZI' arm of the royal family and the 'pro-NAZI' arm of the royals. Buckingham Palace had their own spy - ANTHONY BLUNT - who went behind enemy lines to retrieve documents which prove the close links between NAZIs and Buckingham Palace [Blunt eventually got hoodwinked and outed as a triple spy]...
In the picture I publish here, the young blonde Duke of Edinburgh is dressed for the delight of the masters at his school called Schloss Salem ['Salem Palace School']. The Duke's school masters were Jewish - but taught using an authoritarian strict discipline which was borrowed by the NAZIs.
Essentially, the Royal German family network employed Heinrich Himmler and Hitler to exterminate Romany Gypsies, disabled people and the poor Polish jewish soothsayers - so that Hitler could eventually establish his own secret society based on the principles of the Knights Templar. It would be called THE BERGS. This 'New Order of the NAZI Templars' would have a micro-capital based at Wewelsburg Castle and would establish a giant new country called SAXONY in the heart of Europe. Wewelsburg Castle is a peculiar triangle shaped building which Himmler used as the HQ of the world's biggest - and most ruthless - secret society known as the "SS Schutzstaffel" which had 52,000 members mostly from the German aristocracy and middle class. The Duke of Edinburgh's brother-in-law was Prince Christophe of Hesse, a senior SS officer in charge of phone tapping and intercepting every communication in Europe - much the same as Her Majesty's GCHQ in Cheltenham does to this day...
Wewelsburg Castle had a range of Jewish museum artefacts on display - such as the Spear of Destiny which was the Roman Centurion's spear which pierced the rib cage of Jesus. The SS was based on strict discipline inherited from the Knights Templar who established the Kingdom of Jerusalem. This is where the 'magical power' of the new NAZI regime would radiate - and it was the British King Edward at Buckingham Palace who would become the Reich-Emperor of the newly Nazified Europe.