Juri Lina: 

" One of those who became an accepted freemason was the philo-
sopher and politician Francis Bacon (1561-1626). He was a member of
the Rosicrucian Order and belonged to a secret society called the
Order of the Helmet (Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas, "The Second
Messiah: Templars, the Turin Shroud & The Great Secret of Free-
masonry", London, 1998, p. 292).
Bacon's fable "The New Atlantis" describes the New World where
power is wielded by a secret society called Solomon's House, which
consists of a privileged elite and acts as a hidden government. This
society decides exactly how much and what the public is to know.
Bacon proposed an invisible government, which would also control
science. The freemasons seem to appreciate this book.
Francis Bacon was supposedly the illegitimate son of Queen Eliza-
beth and her lover Sir Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. Francis Bacon
who was highly educated, well-read and had travelled a great deal,
must also be regarded as the true author of the illiterate William
Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. This has been shown through secret
codes, which Bacon used in all his works, including, those published
under the name of William Shakespeare, as described in the works of
the freemason Manly P. Hall. "