Juri Lina (Architects_of_Deception_by_Juri_Lina): 

"There is an independent, natural form of aesthetics, a form that is
based on beauty and inner harmony. Everything that expresses the
proportions of the golden mean becomes timeless whether it is a
question of architecture, art, music, literature, or film.
In music, the golden section is created by the balance between a
beautiful melody and its harmonious construction. An intensively
elevating and uplifting high-frequency musical tonality is thus
created. Such harmonious and beautiful music has the power to
ennoble the soul. The Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci
(known as Leonardo of Pisa, circa 1170-1240), demonstrated that
there was a scientific explanation for the golden section.
The golden mean promotes our spiritual development, dis-
harmonious art blocks it and damages us and even makes us ill. Even
mentioning the golden section is avoided today. Whether it applies
to buildings, clothes, music, or the appearance of everyday articles -
most things have become uglier and less harmonious. Today we
seldom see balanced items of clothing, such as were worn in medieval
times, when clothes were balanced with the aid of the golden mean
and colours - for example with one blue trouser leg and one green.
This combination balanced the energies, affecting various organs in
the body positively with light of different harmonious wavelengths
or frequencies. It also made the clothes beautiful. Colour is a flow of
light, which affects the mind in an inexplicable way. The more pure
the colours, or the more balanced the combination of different
shades, the more positive their effect upon us."