ISIS KILL MORE MUSLIMS: The latest news from the BBC in London shows pretty much a common thread - that is, NO OFFICIAL BUILDING - not even a humble local Police Station - is targeted by 'ISIS' whose tweets have been traced to the London street where MI5 and MI6 recruit spies… Indonesia has a larger Muslim population than any other country in the world, with approximately 202.9 million identifying themselves as Muslim… So what, I ask, would be the 'benefit' of ISIS killing working class Muslims in Jakarta? Within an hour or two of the suicide bomber attack, the crime scene had been sprayed with bleach, swept and the traffic was back flowing again...
Jakarta is the city where BARAK OBAMA studied at the Jakarta International School which was recently at the centre of a PEDO SCANDAL in which schoolchildren were given a 'blue juice' which made them sleepy and allegedly teachers and prominent local officials sodomised and traumatised the pupils.
Indonesia has suffered attacks in the past - and only one or two of these attacks has ever targeted an 'official' building. Some of the deadliest attacks include:
July 2009: Seven tourists killed and dozens wounded when two suicide bombers target Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels in Jakarta
Oct 2005: Suicide attacks in Bali leave 23 dead, including the bombers
Sept 2004: Bomb outside Australian embassy in Jakarta kills at least nine people
Aug 2003: Bomb at Jakarta's Marriott Hotel kills 12 tourists
Oct 2002: Bali bombings kill 202, including 88 Australians
The only credible reason why these tourists and working class people have been blown to smithereens is because from the 20th century onwards Islam became a rallying banner to resist colonialism… That means that Buckingham Palace would rather like to get its hands on the natural reserves of Indonesia, but has been stopped by the Indonesian royal elite who are all Muslims. Hence, this would explain today's attack by 'ISIS' on a STARBUCKS. The simple truth is that two Islamic political parties have proposed legislation that would ban all consumption of alcoholic drinks - and therefore, Indonesia is closer to the strict Sharia Law than most countries - making them a prime target for the Hebrew Royal Elite & Buckingham Palace. What 'political' gain would ISIS have in killing Australian tourists? What have Australians ever done to harm ISIS? Nothing.