SECRETS OF THE SKULLS: Twenty descendants of the psychic Indian Chief Geronimo have filed a lawsuit against the Satanic-Masonic war cult known as 'Skull and Bones'. The 'Bonesmen' control most of Yale University, have a private island called Dear Island in the Thousand Island District and have seeded their members into the U.S. government. One of the top officials who is the 'handler' for Barack Obama is a young Bonesman. They send Obama out in limos each day to buy burgers, whilst the country is run, like it always has been, by a Hebrew-American aristocrat with bloodlines linked to the BUSH family and Buckingham Palace - the current REAL PRESIDENT is JOHN KERRY, whose real family name is KOHN...
One of the aspects which makes the Bonesmen feel they have a DIVINE RIGHT TO RULE is that they have amassed a private museum inside a mausoleum building at New Haven which contains gory artefacts - such as many many skulls. One of those skulls is from Geronimo - a psychic Indian leader whose descendants are now demanding the return of their ancestor’s remains from the New Haven Bonesmen.
Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark who represents the Geronimo family says that Geronimo made it very clear — even before his surrender — that he wanted to be buried in the Apache lands of southwestern New Mexico. “When he met with Teddy Roosevelt, for instance, in March of 1905, his request was that he and the other Chiricahua Apaches who were prisoners of war be permitted to return to the headwaters of the Gila River … adding that if he couldn’t return in his lifetime, that he wanted to be buried there,” says Clark.
But Prescott Bush, grandfather of Dubya, dug up the skull, bleached it, sawed it and made a trinket box out of it - Bonesmen names are written on little scrolls and they use Geronimo's skull as a LUCKY DIP container.