MEET THE MASONS - the place where the MOB MEET THE IVY LEAGUE: All over the USA there are Ivy League Frat Houses such as the Book & Snake, the Scroll & Key and of course, the Skull & Bones. Those Fraternities who still have an active ritualised core membership have fused Babylonian Satanism, Cannibalism, Vampirsm, Judaism and Freemasonry together in a heady mixture which is designed to invoke fear of the Fraternity Alumni and utter unswerving loyalty to these Ivy League secret societies inside their 'Tombs' which are based on classical architectural blueprints of grand graveyard mausoleums. A common thread is Jewish mysticism, which is the 'glue' which binds these cults and covens into a commonly shared history - the most notable thread of which is KABBALAH "Received Tradition". Both Ivy League and street Mobsters, therefore, share a common Hebrew History. Therefore, Ivy League billionaires like George Bush Senior hire Mobsters to kill any 'gentiles' who get in the way...
In the Hamptons and New Haven, Freemasonry has become the executive political organ of the Jewish financial elite. Indeed, Judaism is the diluted form of Babylonian-Chaldean Satanism, and Freemasonry is the 'executive arm' of Judaism - which has retained many of the rituals and robes - but is a heavily segregated international organisation, with only the highest honours going to the Jewish 'Brothers'. An aristocratic OVER-CLASS of hardcore VIP Satanists also exists. A masonic brother is known as a COHEN. Masonic Jewish brothers run the Mob. There it is - as simple as that. The Unspoken has been spoken. Why has it taken the Mainstream Media more than 50 years to say the obvious truth that Freemasons, and Jewish gangland mobsters conspired to kill JFK?
Freemasonry, like I say, is segregated, and the 'gentile' masons are not allowed to belong to Jewish masonic lodges such as the B'nai Brith. Word for word, gesture for gesture, Judaism and the kabbalah are the root and branch of masonic ritual - for example the Tyler’s Toast is identical to part of the typical Synagogue service. The most obvious similarity is the use of the Volume of the Sacred Law and Biblical passages by both Masons and Jews. We also see KING SOLOMON being a principal character in Judaism and freemasonry… Of course, freemasonry is really a 'Gentleman's Witchcraft' and so we must not forget the Scandinavian-Odin-influenced branches of the Crusty-Hippy Ordo Templi Orientis lodges who use the BOOK OF THE LAW, written by 33rd degree Master Mason, Yogist and allegedly the forefather of the present BUSH FAMILY of Presidents, Mr Aleister Crowley, as their 'Sacred Text'. The importance of being 'Free Men' or 'Free Masons' forms the core of the major Passover home ritual.