Juri Lina:

" Mao Zedong had several Jewish advisers behind him. One of these was
the British Jew Sidney Rittenberg who worked for Mao from 1946 to
1976. They were called "voluntary advisers". Thanks to such advice, Mao
murdered 46 000 well-educated people in his campaign against intel-
lectuals in 1957. The number of such victims was later to rise. 43 million
people died of starvation during a three year period in connection with the
"Great Leap Forward". Another two million were murdered. The agri-
cultural "reforms" had earlier killed 1.5 million landowners. During the
cultural revolution, the Red Guards persecuted 100 million people,
approximately half of which are believed to have died. It is known that at
least 400 000 were murdered. No one knows the exact figures - the real
figures may well be twice as high.
90 000 people were reported to have been massacred in Guangxi alone,
according to incomplete statistics. (Dagens Nyheter, 17th of August
1992.) At the same time, an epidemic of cannibalism swept across
Wuxuan. Its most extreme forms were "cannibal banquets": meat, liver,
heart, kidneys, thighs, shins... boiled, fried, roasted. At the "highest" point
of this epidemic, human meat was even prepared in the dining rooms of
the revolutionary committee for the town of Wuxuan. (Dagens Nyheter,
17th of August 1992.)
Zheng Yi, a Beijing Red Guard, related the following in an interview
for a BBC documentary about Mao Zedong in 1993: "In the beginning
people murdered one another because of their political convictions. Then
they began to eat people. Just killing them wasn't enough. Only by eating
the flesh of their enemies could they show their class-consciousness. You
would torture someone first, then cut up their stomach while they were still
alive. Like at the slaughter of a pig, you would cut out the heart and liver,
chop them up and eat them."
Zheng Yi later became a dissident and succeeded in photographing
some secret documents concerning Communist crimes in China. At least
137 people and probably hundreds more were eaten, according to secret
documents about cannibalism among the Red Guards in the Guangxi
province at the end of the 1980s. (Dagens Nyheter, 8th January 1993.)
Approximately 30 million people are assumed to have been killed
during the first ten years up to 1959. The bloody terror began in Beijing on
the 24th of March 1951 and spread to other major cities. In 1960 alone,
morc people were killed in China than during the entire Sino-Japanese
War. Professor Richard L. Walker at the University of South Carolina
estimated the casualties of Chinese Communism up to 1971 to be 62.5
million at the least. In July 1994, after the release of new, shocking
documents, Chen Yizi at Princeton University told the Washington Post
that the total number of Chinese killed during the Communist terror was at
least 80 million. (Dagens Nyheter, 19th of July 1994, A 9.) It came to
light later that the number of victims to Communism in China was 140
million. (Hufvudstadsbladet, Helsinki, 23 December 1997.) The United
States of America is also responsible for those lives.
The wealthy Jewish banker and Illuminatus, David Rockefeller,
described Chairman Mao's terror regime as "one of the most important
and successful in human history". He believed that it had succeeded in
fostering high moral and common purpose in China. (The New York
Times, 10th of August, 1973, Gary Allen, "The Rockefeller File".) "