MEET THE MOB: New York and Chicago were the primary MOB CITIES. Later, Vegas became a prominent strip club and gambling hide-away - but it was the Windy City with it's high population of Crypto Zevite priests [Catholics from Jewish families loyal to Sabbatai Tzevi and Jakob Frank] that ran the biggest booze and gambling cartels. Jewish author, Norman Cantor, tells us this: “It was the Jews, by and large, not the Italians, who created what was later called the Mafia”...

We have all been led to believe that the major gangland figures of the early to mid-twentieth century were Italian. The US entertainment media is crowned by three great Hollywood studios which are owned and operated by Easter-European Hebrew families which come from a small geographical area. This Hebrew-Hollywood cartel of big studios have produced countless films and TV shows depicting Sicilian-Americans as the controllers of the various ‘Mafia’ outfits. However, it was the Jewish gangster, not the Italian, who founded the all powerful National Crime Syndicate [NCS] which ran the rackets in the 1920s and 30s. It was the KOSHER NOSTRA who supplied the marksmen who would perform the HIT on JFK and set in motion a FAKE SERIES of Presidents which we see running in the Oval Office to this day. The linchpin organisation through which this operation worked was Frat Houses - Masonic Secret Societies - primary of which was SKULL & BONES. It was the BONEMEN of the BUSH family that interfaced the Kosher Nostra with Freemasonry and Capitol Hill. That's why George Bush senior was in Dallas on the day of the JFK assassination.

One of the big-time mobsters in New York was the legendary Monk Eastman. In 1908, Theodore Bingham, New York City’s police commissioner, said that "half of all the criminals in his city were Jewish"! In 1919, Arnold Rothstein fixed the World Series by bribing key members of the Chicago White Sox to ‘throw’ games - that 'sporting racket' is still going on to this day. Meyer Lansky killed his former boss Bugsy Siegel. Lansky, Lucky Luciano’s closest confederate, was to become the most powerful gangster in US history. When Dion O’Banion was shot dead by three of Al Capone’s men in 1924, Hymie Weiss took over the running of his businesses. And that, ladies and gentlemen, describes the posse of mobsters who were to later be hired to kill JFK.

MEET THE GODFATHER - No, the MOB are NOT Italian - they are Jewish: For decades now, Hollywood bosses have been kidding the public that the GODFATHER was Sicilian. Yes, for sure, Italians have had major stakes in prostitution, casinos and running teamster fake trades unions. But the REAL GODFATHER was Jewish and was from Israel, with an operation that had it's HQ in Chicago - right in the midst of where a cocoa coloured friendly boy with a good brain - BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA - would be brought up in the Godfather's backyard...
To be in the MOB you had to be Jewish - Jewish-Italian, ok - but in any event, to be a 'made Guy' you had to be Jewish.
NO ISRAELI link to the MOB has ever been allowed to be broadcast on the mainstream TV - President L.B.J.'s 'Blue Ribbon Panel' of '7 Good Men' were all either Jewish and/or Freemasons, or homosexuals hiding their true sexual orientation and therefore open to blackmail. They were called the 'Warren Commission' and wrote a report that is the official Government Version of the John F. Kennedy Assassination; the Warren Commission found that a "Lone Crazed Gunman", Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone killing President Kennedy, as did Oswald's murderer, Jacob Leon Rubenstein. they refused any line of evidence which led down the dark alley to Mobsters Sam Giacana nor Meyer Lansky.
He was the boss of the KOSHER NOSTRA.