FACEBOOK BUSTED by the INDIAN GOVERMENT: Like I have been predicting since 2005, the INTERNET will NOT continue in its present form. Already SNOOPER LAWS require any person registering a new website to give their social security details - the law is already enforced in many European nations. The top ten household branded websites are all inter-related because they are all based in Silicon Valley and share the exact same Venture Capital bankers who financed them. They are now running a conspiracy which will mean that independent websites outside of corporate control WILL BE BLOCKED. Already, Google search results are being questioned on blogs which allege that Google exclude sites in some territories. Yesterday, India's telecoms regulator blocked Facebook's "Free Basics" internet service as part of a ruling in favour of net neutrality. "Free Basics' is double-speak for an internet home service which ONLY SHOWS YOU a tiny slither of the web's massive content. The scheme offered free access to a limited number of websites. However, it was opposed by supporters of net neutrality who argued that data providers should not favour some online services over others. The free content included Facebook, the BBC & Wikipedia and not much else.