THE 'UNSPOKEN' PHENOMENA of 'PEOPLE POWER': It's a simple question which the mainstream media have avoided: "What effect do all our LIKES and SHARES have?". As everyone on my page knows, we have blown wide open right here on this very page many scams in the mainstream news, and peeled away the layers of deceit to reveal that at the heart of the political Establishment there are a handful of wicked and corrupt politicians who DO NOT REPRESENT THE PEOPLE - instead, they have 'sold out' to large corporations who poison our soil, seas, skies and minds in the quest to become ever richer. When we analyse the question "Who rules the planet" we can clearly see that the most influential are the richest - and they are the Royal Elite who have seeded Westminster and their proxy governments world wide with a bunch of former Etonian, Oxford & Cambridge multi-millionaires who have a kind of romantic attachment to the wicked economy described in Charles Dickens' OLIVER. 'Please, please Sir, May I have some more food Sir?' typifies the SOCIAL WARFARE which has seen the monied aristocratic elite exploit the labour force of the poor for centuries. But along came SOCIAL MEDIA and this has triggered a series of online platforms in which the skullduggery of rigging elections is blown open and scrutinised by tens of millions of people almost in RealTime on Facebook and other social apps.
Begrudgingly, the Royal-Political Elite have had to throw on the scrapheap many of their most cunning and wicked plans, such as waging a political mind-control 'game' by having the same BUSH/CLINTON & ETON/OXFORD clans voted in as Prime Ministers and Presidents… Perhaps the most explosive of all conspiracies, which has been proven to be 100% true in recent times, is the fact that Working Class children are being wrenched from the arms of their mothers by Social Workers and placed in 'Care Homes' where members of the aristocracy such as LORD BOOTHBY, LORD BRADWELL, LORD JANNER and the like can then prey on them like pedophiliac vultures. It was, of course, also the Care Homes in which bastards like Jimmy Savile traded cigarettes and bottles of booze for sexual favours in his BBC-funded white Rolls Royce.
Your Likes and Shares - which amount to a staggering 1,000+ every 24 hours just on this page alone - have SCARED THE PANTS off the pedo-VIP Satanic buggerers. If we all take part, if we all take a little time to AWAKEN ONE MORE PERSON, then the 'Critical Mass' of awakened people will be so great that by the time our own children are our age, the Oxford/Etonian clan of scum at Downing Street and the other proxy puppet governments in the Commonwealth will be no more. YOU HAVE MADE a DIFFERENCE. You are the PEOPLE. You are the POWER.