KISSINGER AND ASSOCIATES is the agency used by Buckingham Palace to reel in, train and keep in tow the 'world leaders' at the head of all the nations which are member states of the Commonwealth colonised nations. TONY BLAIR has started a new version of KISSINGER AND ASSOCIATES - he's taking a back seat waiting for Henry to die - just 'selling' his 'contacts in government' at the moment. Henry is German - just like the British royal family - and keeps true to the ideals and aspirations of the Saxe, Coburg and Gotha family dynasties in Germany. Henry keeps young and fit by having monthly BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS - just like the Duke of Edinburgh and the old Queen's Mother who didn't die until she was older than the current century!
The USA is - unofficially - still a colony of the Palace. As for Russia, the Romanov Russian royal family were meant to be anti-Communism and anti-Bolshevism, when in reality the Bolshevik movement was promoted and funded by MI6 and MI5 at Thames House in London, with the same New York banks funding Leon Trotsky as had also contributed towards the expenses of setting up the Third Reich in the late 1930s. The Romanov Russian royals were all meant to have died by 'falling down a mine shaft' but in reality have been assisting Buckingham Palace in stage-managing disgusting levels of Poverty-sticken human misery in Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Hungary, Romania and other satellite nations of the Russian-Royal elite.
Every Communist-Bolshevik 'world leader' used a FAKE NAME - for example, Trotsky was actually 'Bromfstein' and had a chauffeur, fridge, and an apartment with a telephone in New York - he trained his MI6 and MI5 volunteer force in street-gang warfare on wasteland near Brooklyn Bridge. Placed in power by Buckingham Palace [who controlled and engineered both sides of world war two and world war one], then the various patsy agents like Lenin & Stalin set about MURDERING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE under the label of 'Communism'. In fact, the biggest serial killers in history were Bolsheviks. Communism is the poison used by the palace to hold back the economies of Russia, China and Korea, leaving good ol's USA and Britain to soak up the oil and develop their household brands.
The palace's plan has worked nicely, with the grandsons of the former Jewish-Bolshevik henchmen now in charge of all the gas and oil resources in Russia and Putin is, himself, a KGB agent - need I say that the KGB is heavily infiltrated by MI6. The Queen's own nephew was an active Kremlin spy. Old Henry Kissinger is doing 'his rounds' before Blair takes over the job.