THE REASON YOU DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT TPP - The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) - is because none of the 'truth' pages nor websites understand that the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are 'in the pocket' of Buckingham Palace. Retarded admins think that countries like Northern Ireland, Australia, the USA and Canada are 'independent' nations - they are NOT. They are aligned and controlled by the FOREIGN OFFICE in London. The Foreign Office is controlled, in turn, by the Palace.
The TPP is the Palace's way of 'strong arming' CHINA to reel in it's over-blown self importance. The palace hates the fact that FACEBOOK has been banned in China - and is worried the PUPPETS at the head of the Beijing homo-pedo cartel of 'politicians' might be trying to break away from their commitments to the palace. After all, Britain has been running a successful OPIUM TRADE with China since going to war with China over dominance of the Heroin market. You see, China's government and economy has been planned and managed by GERMAN BUSINESSMEN - and Communism itself is a creation of the Zevite-Marxist ideology created in Hampstead, London. You might like to read that again - hell, I'll say it again - GERMAN BUSINESSMEN tell the leaders of China what to say and think and do - it's been going on for decades. Hong Kong became rich on HEROIN and raw Opium Gum marketed to Big Pharma by the Palace. Look up "Mr SHAPIRO and the Chinese Government" if you need to brush up on your Chinese Communist history… Mr Shapiro is one of a gaggle of pro-Communist Jewish business magnets who have been spearheading the Chinese economy.
This TPP is a trade agreement among twelve Pacific Rim countries [8 of which are pro-Palace and 100% controlled by the British royals]. The TPP promotes economic growth for Her Majesty's Pacific-based investments by slashing all tariffs and freight/cargo taxes between TPP members. If the Beijing government ever try and shaft the old Queen, then they'll soon find that the TPP will transform a few of her Pacific Rim economies into SWEAT SHOPS and challenge the might of China to fill the shelves in POUND SHOPS and DIME STORES. The Queenie is using the TPP to terrorise the Chinese billionaires and soon-to-be-richer INDIAN BUSINESS LEADERS that she can have just as much clout in the Pacific basin. I've included a picture of one of the German Jewish bankers at the Chinese Politburo.