Winston and the Churchill family are related to the Saxe-Coburg royal clan at Buckingham Palace. The blanket bombing of key targets in Europe [such as the east end of London and Dresden] created a post-war concrete wasteland in the city areas which had previously been occupied by SLUMS. The Council of Europe and League of Europe morphed under the guidance of SS-Equestrian member PRINCE BERNHARDT of the Netherlands; he convened the first BILDERBERG meetings which laid the ground plan for the exploitation of the inner city areas which had previously been slums, and was the architect of the EUROPEAN SUPERSTATE. Rich, affluent city areas were rarely if ever bombed.
The second world war was not a war between Germany and the Allied Powers - it was a war of the rich vs. the poor. The Third Reich was funded by a British prince who had been brought up at Sandringham - Prince Charles Coburg, who was Queen Victoria's favourite grandson. Winston danced to their fiddle. Churchill's famous speeches often played on PBS were actually 're-voiced' by a professional actor. Hitler's plan of a 'united' Europe is, in fact, the Royals' plan, and was supported by the Royal Family. Today it is called the E.U.
Hitler was funded and trained by the Coburg-Kaiser spy network, and had lessons in public speaking by a Jewish illusionist called Hannussen. The E.U. is a PsyOps in which Commissioners decide E.U. policy in secret chambers. The EU Parliament can only discuss the new policies - not create them. The EU is a fabricated entity and a product of Buckingham Palace and the funding of King Leopold of Belgium.