LET'S BE CLEAR [as CAMERON SAYS]: Parliament is wholly separate from 'Government'. The Government is situated at 10 Downing Street and does whatever it is told by Buckingham Palace. It does what it likes, and is separate from Parliament. Most decisions at Cabinet level require no debate and no publicity. Parliament is separate from 'Government'. Parliament is a 'theatre' designed to give us the impression that there is a representative for each constituency in Britain, and that we all have an 'equal say' in how Britain is run. That is a lie. And I shall explain how that lie is managed:
The truth of the matter is that most [about 80%] of members of parliament never get a fair minute to make a speech, and that many of them are members of the House because they come from privileged families whose mothers and fathers understand the world of politics. Many millions of British people are so annoyed and disgusted at Politics in general, with the scams and frauds perpetrated over VIP child sex abuse and expenses claims, that they do not even know the name of their own member of Parliament!
There is not a single law which has been instigated and promoted by a single citizen of Britain for more than a hundred years.
This, effectively, creates a 'VACUUM OF POWER' which is milked by the 'First Past the Post' electoral system. 'First Past the Post' is a scam - in which a tiny minority - for example with the 2015 election - Cameron got 30odd percent of the vote - is transformed miraculously through Hebrew 'Numerlogy' and number-juggling into a 'majority' in Parliament.
Hence, a tiny minority of rich people - usually of Etonian and upper-crust aristocrats related to the Royals - have a free reign to do whatever they want with any laws in Britain. They can tax us, spy on us, and do whatever they want - including buggering children on Westminster premises which is what is alleged against LORD JANNER - and the 'System' is loaded AGAINST the People. The SOLUTION: We need one vote to = equal one fair share of democratic power. We need a Polling Card which offers more than the opportunity to put an 'X' [which is the mark of an illiterate peasant] on a card and then allow millionaires to run the county unchallenged for the next five years. We need PARLIAMENTARY REFORM, and for all 'IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION' to be stripped away from all politicians, Royals and Civil Servants.