WHAT DOES CAMERON & THE EUROPEAN SUPERSTATE DO WITH YOUR TAXES? Cameron just announced he is giving £26 million [about $40m dollars] to build a prison in Jamaica, plus £5m to develop 'fishing' in the Caribbean. These taxes are stolen from people's wages using automated system such as PAYE. Meanwhile, McDonalds has not paid any meaningful amounts of tax on billions earned since 2009. Russia, with more than 100 billionaires, was given £40 million by Britain and the EU, including £240,000 for an arts project in St Petersburg. Israel receives cash and discounts on British-made weapons which it uses to kill children in Gaza...
Former Soviet bloc country Georgia is earmarked £80 million including £400,000 for a mayoral project in Tbilisi called “Sustainable Energy days”. Wouldn't that money be better spent on Solar Panels for schools? Argentina, a G20 country, got £9.5 million in British & EU aid. Kazakhstan, which has huge stocks of oil and gas, got £100,000 and Turkey was the biggest recipient of EU aid with £620 million pledged in 2011.
British weaponry may have been used by Israel in its assault on Gaza last year after fresh arms deals worth £4m were approved by Britain within weeks of the Israeli attack on Palestine called OPERATION PROTECTIVE EDGE. Britain often supplies 'friendly' nations like Israel 0% loans which are guaranteed by the British tax payer. This form of gift is known as 'Weapons aid' - in fact, Saddam Hussein bought a ton of British weapons which were all paid for by the British tax payer! In the immediate aftermath of Operation Protective Edge, which killed more than 2,000 Palestinian civilians, Cameron yet again gave loan-aid and weapons-aid to Israel. Meanwhile, back in Britain five fire-stations are planned to be closed and doctors have to strike to get better wages.