Christopher Everard 

Frankly, not a single Presidential candidate actually has a say in the Middle East… Israel, 

Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi and UAE had their borders invented and drawn by  

Buckingham Palace. The Royal Air Force bombed all the villages along the map-borders so 

that there would be no disputes. Buckingham Palace basically legalised and enlarged the 

KINGDOM OF JERUSALEM which had originally been founded by the Knights Templar. If 

Bernie or any other politician gets in their way of recapturing and enlarging the modern 

version of the Kingdom of Israel, they will be dealt with in the same way Princess Diana was  
'cleaned' from the scene. This partly explains why nearly all politicians in the leading roles 

within the Media come from Israeli families. Yes - on the surface, some may seem like 

liberal-minded politicians who would offer a better alternative to Obama - but deep down, 

every single one of these Presidential Candidates is getting media attention for one reason 

and one reason only: THEY ARE BEING TESTED. Donald Trump has just postponed his 

trip to Israel - but like all the others, he too will be 'processed' by the Rabbis and made to 

appear wearing a yarmulke - yes, they all visit Jerusalem, but none will visit Gaza - or stop 

the Satanic genocide of Arabian children, of Palestinian Christians… The Sages of 

Jerusalem teach that to hasten the coming of the Jewish Messiah, utter sin, carnality, 

pornography, incest and idolatory must be performed. Hence we have the morbid 

fascination with death cults such as Freemasonry amongst our politicians… Just like the 

world of politics, one cannot progress to the upper ranks of Freemasonry without coming 

from a Hebrew family background.