WHAT IS TAX? A simple question. Tax is what POOR people have stolen from their wages by the government. Tax is something which RICH PEOPLE don't worry about because big corporations and people who fly around and live in tax havens never have to pay any tax. McDonalds are being cited in an EU report which shows that they have set up a 'front company' in Luxembourg which employs a handful of people. All the European McDonalds earnings are allegedly funnelled into this front company. It's nothing unusual - and it's not even illegal. Other corporations such as Starbucks and even Google have been questioned by the Parliamentary Accounts Committee and it was revealed that many of these similar 'household brand' companies run what is nown as a 'Dutch Sandwich' which means they pay their staff the minimum wage on part-time salaries, or even 'zero hour' contracts, whilst shovelling their profits into tax loopholes in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, switzerland and Netherlands.
Not a single penny of all the taxes ever paid by you, your parents, your grandparents or great grand parents has been used by any government to form an 'investment nest egg' whose interest could pay for street lighting, schools and hospitals. However, because so many politicians have shares in arms manufacturers, there is always a bottomless pit of tax revenue to spend on WAR MACHINES.
Whilst the working class people travel to work in trains running on rails which were paid for by taxes levied in the Victorian era, vast sums of our money are deliberately wasted building killing machines - many of these projects are designed and built in secret. Therefore, no member of the public knows exactly what is happening to the taxes stolen from their wage packets.
Time for a major overhaul I would say - don't you?