We're living in a world of SMOKE AND MIRRORS. Whilst the mainstream media are telling us that the most evil people on earth are 'Radicalised Muslims' - the exact same mainstream media, and Cameron's government, are white-washing and covering up a massive pedo-scandal at the heart of Westminster. Operation Hydrant organised by the British Police have so far named 99 members of parliament [past and present] as having been active 'VIP abusers' of children. That is one sixth of the entire membership of the House of Commons.
But there has been a vast COVER-UP. Perhaps the biggest culprit is the BBC who actually poured millions into a well organised pedo-ring operating from Broadcasting House - it's main members were Radio1 DJs CHRIS DENNING, JIMMY SAVILE and JONATHAN KING. Other BBC prime-time VIP pedo-abusers were Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris.
Right now, the BBC are failing to report on the allegations against Lord Janner, whilst allowing Nigel Lawson to say on the BBC Question Time show "the police should not be wasting their time investigating cases of sex abuse against children"… It is now very clear that many of the BBC employees and famous presenters who protected Jimmy Savile come from Britain's tiny Hebrew community, which is estimated by Wiki to be only 250,000.
From this tiny Hebrew community, we have almost 100 members of the House of Commons & Lords, the Prime Minister, the Mayor of London, and, of course, LORD JANNER who is facing allegations of brutal anal rape of children which took place on WESTMINSTER PREMISES. So, my question is this - why do the BBC solely focus on 'radicalised Muslims' - and never expend a single minute of airtime to investigating the Westminster VIP pedo scandal, which involves, according to Operation Hydrant, a large percentage of people from the British Anglo-Hebrew community?
I fully understand that ISIS and radicalised, extreme religious views are dangerous to ordinary people. But why does the media focus solely on 'radicalised Muslims'? What about the extreme crimes perpetrated by some Christians, Catholics, Freemasons, Hindus and, yes, Jewish people like Lord Janner and Jimmy Savile and Harold Shipman?