SECRETS OF THE BRITISH ILLUMINATI: There is no actual singular document called a 'constitution' in Britain - and each citizen is a ROYAL SUBJECT. Britain is not officially a 'democracy' it is a REALM under which we are subjected to the will of Monarchy. Bankers are not richer than the Royals - the Royals own the Bank of England, the Royal Treasury and even the Royal MINT where the money is made. Officially, the Government OWN NOTHING, and therefore, collectively, representing the First-Past-the-Post 'majority' in the House of Commons, the 'commoners' [ie the Royal Subjects] also, in turn, own nothing. Everything is owned either directly by the Monarch, or indirectly via at the Crown Estates.
Taxation is raised by HER MAJESTY'S Inland Revenue and Customs - and what the monarch decides to give the Government is part of the Monarch's prerogative and all ministers have to submit their paperwork in red ministerial boxes for Royal Approval. There is not, and never had been, a government which acts independently of intrusion and influence by the Monarchy - this is proven by the release of FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT letters between ministers, shadow-ministers of the Opposition and Lord Chief Justices.
The Monarchy describe England as THE NEW ISRAEL and the crowning ceremony is based on the ancient ritual of king Solomon's coronation, whilst the congregation sing 'JERUSALEM'. The royal crown is stored overnight in the JERUSALEM CHAMBER at Westminster Abbey prior to being placed on the Monarch's head, and the name ZADOK, PRIEST OF KING SOLOMON is invoked during the coronation. None of this has anything to do with a British 'constitution' - the royal family are actually Germans who descend from the Tuetonic and Bavarian Royal Fiefdoms.
Their primary religion is pagan-druidism [which has shared roots with the Chaldean magical brotherhoods of Babylonia, Israel and Chaldea], with all monarchs being initiated as Baards by the Ancient Order of Druids and also being appointed the Grand Patron of Freemasonry. All princes attend at least one gathering of the 1591 Studholme Lodge and/or the Alpha Lodge which was originally convened at Kensington Palace. At these gatherings, the princes swear allegiance to the GREAT ARCHITECT, often take oaths on the Hebrew version of the Bible [which has no mention of Jesus] and if stay within the ranks of freemasonry are 'raised up' to the 33rd degree within just a matter of a few weeks. Most of the advanced rituals contain HEBREW words.